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20+ Awesome Body Facts You Didn't Know 10 Minutes Ago

The longer mankind lives, the more secrets people discover about one of the most mysterious organisms: the human body. Ans we mostly learn facts we never expected. The human body is a really fascinatingly complex machine – from the incredible way your eyes develop over time to the surprisingly large number of muscles it takes just to talk! You’ve probably wondered at least once why older people’s noses and ears are bigger than yours or why you can’t remember what you dreamed about the night before?

Well, get ready because this isn’t your typical anatomy lesson. Bright Side collected the most amazing facts about the human body. We bet you haven’t even suspected many of them.

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Which body part gets oxygen not from the blood 0:29
How many smells the human brain can memorize 0:56
How many muscles are behind your ability to speak 1:18
Why you usually don’t remember your dreams 1:32
How many bones are in the human body 2:02
How long the brain is active after a person dies 2:30
How long the heart can beat outside the body 2:55
Why people grow up in outer space 3:14
Can the human body eat itself? 3:40
What the length your small intestine is 4:11
Why you have two kidneys 4:31
Can you breathe and swallow at the same time? 4:49
Why people make such a wide array of sounds 5:10
Why older people’s noses and ears are bigger than yours 5:30
How much water we consume in our lifetime 5:53
A pregnant woman’s brain 6:25
Can stomach acid dissolve metal? 6:56
Is your tongue unique? 7:25
Your little finger is stronger than you think 7:46
Why we call our muscles “muscles” 8:18
Bacteria in your belly button 8:43
Something about blushing 9:16
What people and slugs have in common 9:37
The way you tilt when kissing 10:07
How babies see the world 10:54

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– You probably smell a lot of things every day! But you’ll never guess how many smells the human brain can memorize in a lifetime…50,000! And that’s why different smells can immediately spark a specific memory.
– It’s easy to open your mouth and talk, right? Then you’ll be shocked to know that 72 different muscles are behind your ability to speak.
– Speaking of the heart, it can actually beat outside the body! Thanks to a machine called the Organ Care System, or OCS, donor hearts can be kept alive longer during transport, increasing travel time by up to 12 hours!
– While it might not look like it from the outside, your small intestine is 23 feet long. So if you could stretch it out and hold it up, it’d be taller than an adult giraffe!
– Ever notice how a lot of your organs come in pairs, like the lungs and kidneys? It’s so that if you were to lose one, your body could still function with the other. That’s how people can donate a kidney and still live on the one they have left.
– Speaking of the voice box, humans, unlike other primates, have one that sits lower in their throat. That’s why people make such a wide array of sounds. If that’s the case, then Mariah Carey’s voice box must be way down in her stomach!
– Adults are recommended to drink around 2 liters of water a day. That means by the time you’re 70 years old, you’ll have chugged down 51,000 liters, which is over 13,000 gallons of water!
– Your tongue has patterns on it that are completely unique to you. Your teeth are also one-of-a-kind, and no one else can have the exact same dental print as you either!
– The word “muscle” comes from a Latin term that translates to “little mouse”. Ancient Romans thought muscles looked like little mice, so the decided to call them as such.
– Blushing requires you to be aware of what others think about you, which humans are definitely capable of. That being said, some people are more susceptible to blushing than others.
– So it’s no surprise that humans share 98.4% of their DNA with chimps. But did you know that you also share 70% of your DNA with slugs and 90% of it with domesticated cats?

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My Secret Twin: Body Bizarre Episode 3

My Secret Twin: Body Bizarre Episode 3


On the surface Workitu Debebet looks like any other teenage girl. But the 17-year-old has spent her young life hiding an incredible secret — a parasitic twin, including two arms and two legs, fused to her pelvis. Workitu was raised thinking she was normal and reached her late teens without treatment because her poor parents had no way of accessing expert medical care. But Workitu’s life has finally been transformed after a team of expert surgeons performed pioneering surgery to separate her from her unborn conjoined twin. Now, the teenager is going to school and making friends for the first time and is looking forward to having a career, getting married and even having children of her own. A new documentary series reveals the amazing courage of Workitu and her family who tried everything to help her, despite prejudice in her community against people with disabilities. Doctors at CURE Hospital In Addis Ababa were amazed when they saw Workitu, who is thought to be the oldest person still to be living with a visible parasitic twin attached to their body. Dr Eric Gokcen, the hospital’s medical director, said: “It was something I had never seen before. A parasitic twin is actually rarer than conjoined twins. But as a physician, when I look at patients with a problem, my mind starts thinking about what I am going to do to help them.” In an eight-hour surgery, the team carefully removed the outer body but left the extra internal organs because they were working fine. Workitu spent the next three months in hospital but healed perfectly and is now looking forward to her future. Workitu’s story appears in Born With An Extra Body: Body Bizarre at 10pm on TLC UK on Monday November 25th.

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