1. I've been really needing your channel for a very long time. This video specifically really opened up my mind to what I need to really incorporate my left hand when playing.

  2. Yup, when I figure this out, I'm telling my church to find another drummer

  3. Man this is really a good lesson. The simple fact that it's free make me feel bad for not paying. Thank you.

  4. Nice flavor in your teaching! Thanks for the videos. I'll try to support and buy some stuff if I can. Thanks!

  5. are really trying to help or sell your products a little subliminal to me nice though keep it up bruh

  6. I find it hard to play most chords in the natural keys. It's simply because my fingers are a little big. Lol!
    They tend to get stuck and hit accidental keys.
    Besides that, my problem is just wrapping my mind to having two hands play as one.