Caring for your spine is something that can start at the gym. We teamed up with trainer Kai Karlstrom of Equinox to get some great tips on how to strengthen our spines, and to find out how to protect them as we get moving.
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Thinking about skipping out on the gym today? Not so fast. It’s not just your glutes and biceps that will miss out if you bypass exercise — so will your brain. Neuroscientists have shown that regular exercise supports brain function, a positive mood, and cognitive health.
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  4. yeah. i'm realizing more and more that with the asswipes i'm presently stuck with being around I DESPERATELY NEED TO EXERCISE EVERY DAY TO KEEP FROM LOSING MY FRICKIN' MIND!!!!!

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  6. You can't sit down the hole day if you work at the office. YOU REALLY NEED TO EXERCISE!!!

  7. This is lots of help! I used it to help me with my homework 🙃 I will recommend this to anyone who wants to know why exercise is good for your brain! 👍

  8. Thank you for the informal video! I just posted a fitness video where my guest discusses how fitness influences her mental health. Would love if you could check it out! Thanks!

  9. So is that why I find myself learning things quickly, because I’ve started to exercise regularly? Interesting.

  10. As I get older my short term memory gets worse but my long term memory is probably getting better.
    Really important to stop using gadgets like calculators, add up mentally, work out ideas logically.
    Sometimes really good to shut your eyes and just use your imagination to invoke ideas.
    Brains do need exercise but also neglected feature is good food and none of this ready meals/other garbage we eat and lots of water

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  12. Thanks to exercise – I don't feel depressed anymore, when I am really tired. This means, that when I am not tired, I am calm and happy.