Award-winning clinical dietitian Janeen Leon of Case Western Reserve University presents “What CAN I eat? Nutrition for Dialysis Patients.”
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In this video, dietitian Christy Turner, MS, RD, at UC San Diego Health ( discusses key diet components to maintaining kidney function: limiting salt intake to help keep blood pressure at goal, eating the right amount of protein, and improving blood sugar control.

For more information about kidney disease treatment at UC San Diego Health, see
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  2. Question for responders. Did your doctors educate you on what was happening to your kidneys or do you feel, like I do, that my doctors purposely didn't efucate me or help me to prevent or at least try to prevent my kidneys from getting worse? I believe my kidneys started to fail because of medications and once they started to be damaged, it was my diet making it worsen quicker. Had I been educated I suspect I could have prevented my kidneys from getting worse. One more thing, has anyone heard about natural methods for helping the kidneys? Like drinking baking soda in water with lemon or honey.

  3. I want to grow a garden… I feel like everything from pain medication to weight supplements and don't talk about the meat … I feel like they are trying to get everyone sick… If not this… It would be that.

  4. I heard it is better to not eating much or no protein. I feel better when I don't so much protein. . Th

  5. Definitely, a must see for those on dialysis, or loved ones on a low sodium diet.