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How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time: Step By Step Explained (Body Recomposition)

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This 250+ page Ultimate Guide to Body Recomposition includes everything you need to know about:

• How to set up calories & macros for recomp
• What foods to eat
• Nutrient timing (pre/post workout, pre-bed, etc.)
• Refeeds/carb cycling
• Feeding vs fasting
• Supplementation
• How to self-coach
• And much, much, more!

If you want to learn how to transform your body by building muscle while losing fat, this is the ultimate science-based guide to do it! It includes:

• 15 Chapters and over 140 scientific references
• Sample Meal Plans
• Specifics on Your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
• A Progress Tracking Sheet
• A Guide for Maximizing Recovery Factors (Sleep, stress, etc.)
• A full chapter on solving “Skinny Fat”

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About me: I’m a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. I’ve been training for 12 years drug-free. I’m 5’5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked).


Disclaimers: Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.

Body Secret

Cinta Modeladora Body Secret

Cinta Modeladora Body Secret

Se você não se sente bem com seu corpo, com o Body Secret você verá o resultado instantaneamente, te deixando sexy e fazendo de você o centro das atenções.

A cinta modeladora Body Secret, auxilia na compressão e compactação da camada da gordura, o que torna possível o efeito modelador.

Tecido com tecnologia exclusiva de alta elasticidade que se encaixa à pele.

Toque Macio além de ser respirável e leve, lhe permite um conforto para longas jornadas de uso.

Independente se vai a um evento festivo ou corporativo, a Body Secret pode lhe acompanhar.

As 4 barbatanas de aço no cós permitem que você se mova livremente sem risco de enrolar.

Suaviza a área da coxa, eliminando imperfeições e reduzindo a aparência da celulite enquanto levanta o bumbum.

Essa tecnologia permite que a cinta Body Secret defina uma silhueta como você sempre sonhou.

Graças a seu tecido com elasticidade tridimensional, a Body Secret evita que os quadris fiquem flácidos, moldando uma encantadora curva.

Com um nível médio de compressão, você irá acentuar suas curvas dando aquele arredondado tão desejado no bumbum!

A cinta Body Secret proporciona conforto durante todo o dia. Sem costura e leve, lhe proporcionando uma aparência super agradável.

Apoio total na parte inferior das costas, bumbum e área abdominal, ajudando a aliviar dores e melhorar a postura.

Ninguém vai notar que você está usando, nem mesmo você! 😀

Cinta Modeladora Body Secret


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The Exercise

FULL BODY STRETCH for sore muscles & stiff joints 🌞

Hi babes! Here is a full body stretch that will not only stretch our your muscles but will also relax your mind and give you a little bit of space to just BE. Hopefully this routine helps your find the joy in movement and inspires you to take even better care of your body! Inspired by some yoga stretches + athletic stretching 🙂

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Body Secret

How to Know if a Girl Likes You – Body Language Class

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How do you know if a girl likes you? or another question people ask, “how to tell if a girl likes you?” Simple watch the video. I kid. There are a couple tips or things to look out for when on a date with a girl or woman. Partial arm barriers are a big hint on whether a girl or woman is interested or not. It’s important to learn how to read female body language.

Books I Read —

The Definitive Book of Body Language http://amzn.to/S69kie
What EveryBODY is Saying http://amzn.to/11e8xA9
Kinesics and Context http://amzn.to/13MMqF0

Other very useful resources

Videos –

Articles –

Other Searches:
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how to tell if a girl likes you
non verbal communication

Body Secret

SWA – You know your body good

Auteur / Interprète: SWA

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Body Secret

Things You Didn't Know About Your Body

The Human body is incredible. From our complex nervous system to the precision balancing act of active chemicals in our bloodstream, there are a few lesser known facts about your body that may surprise you.
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Body Secret

The Secret to Poi Snakes & Body Tracers (Intermediate Poi Tricks)

The Secret to Poi Snakes & Body Tracers (Intermediate Poi Tricks)

Poi snakes and body tracers are sleek, sensuous, and sometimes tricky to learn! In this video, I’m going to give you my best tips for how to do poi snakes and how to do poi body tracers involving a 3-step process that will hopefully be more detailed than my last poi snakes tutorial. The pieces you’ll need include linear isolations, split-time reels, and the ability to clap your hands together while spinning the poi. Poi body tracing is one of my favorite uses of the tool and I hope this breaks down some boundaries for those of you struggling to learn these very beautiful poi tricks.

#poispinning #poitricks #poitutorial

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