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Why a Plant-Based Diet is Good for Your Health | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Studies continue to support a link between obesity and increased risk for certain cancers. Eating a healthy, plant-based, balanced diet can not only help you manage your weight, but may also help reduce your risk for developing certain cancers, while supporting your immune system, helping you feel well during treatment, and promoting healthy survivorship.


I’m Stacy Kennedy, a nutrition specialist for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Welcome to Eating Well During Cancer. Today I’d like to talk to you about why a balanced, plant-based diet is good for your health.

Studies continue to support a link between excess body fat or obesity and the risk for cancer. We know that eating a healthy, plant-based, balanced diet can help you not only manage your weight but may also help reduce your risk for developing certain cancers, helping support your immune system to feel well during treatment, and also help to promote survivorship.

Eating balanced diet means choosing primarily unprocessed or minimally processed natural, fresh foods in abundance. In addition to that, drinking plenty of water and choosing a plant-based or lean protein is another important part of a balanced diet. A plant-based diet means that the majority of foods you’re eating are coming from plants. These include bright, colorful fruits and vegetables, but also other foods, like spices and herbs and seasonings, as well as nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans, and legumes.

It’s important to think about a variety of colorful foods, because those colors signify a lot of nutrition. Whether it’s a bright red like a beet, which are full of important phytonutrients to support your health, or bright, beautiful yellow like a mango, the color signifies a lot of vibrancy and a lot of nutrition.

Choosing local foods as often as possible will help not only increase the amount of vitamins and phytonutrients, but can also help to put away some concerns around pesticides or other contaminants. Certain foods are also important to choose as organic, and for more information on which foods are best to get organic, for recipes and lots of tips on how to create your own plant-based diet, we encourage you to visit our website or download our free app. On behalf of the nutrition department at Dana-Farber, I’m Stacy Kennedy.

The food we eat impacts all aspects of health, including our lung health. Subroto Paul, MD, Director of Thoracic Surgery, RWJBarnabas Health, offers insight into the foods that can help our lungs work their best.

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The Exercise

Physical, Mental, And Overall Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise – How Exercise Improves Health

Physical, Mental, And Overall Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise - How Exercise Improves Health

In this video we take a look at the physical and mental benefits of an exercise program.

What are the benefits of an exercise program?
In this video we are going to look at some of the major benefits, both physical and metal, that an exercise program can bring to your life. Let’s start with the physical benefits.

A. Physical benefits.

1. Cardiovascular and respiratory improvement
Over time, you end up strengthening the cardiac muscle that surrounds your heart, you also pump a greater volume of blood with each stroke, which causes a decrease in resting heart rate. You develop more red blood cells which improve your ability to bring oxygen to your muscles, and your lungs become stronger and better at supplying your body with the oxygen it needs.

2. Reduction in health risk factors
Regular exercise can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, developing type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Research also shows active people have a lower risk of colon and breast cancer. Regular exercise can also increase your chances of living longer.

3. Increased metabolic rate
Metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories. During exercise, you obviously burn more calories than when at rest, however, your metabolic rate at rest is enhanced even after your workout session is completed as your body uses energy to repair muscles and replenish atp storage and glycogen storage. This does depend on several factors, including the intensity of the exercise and your current fitness level.

4. Decreased risk of falls
Incorporating balance, coordination and muscle strengthening activities into your exercise program can improve your motor skills thus reducing the risk of falling.

5. Bone health improvement
Impact activities such as plyometrics and jumping, and resistance training can slow the loss of bone density that comes with age. Playing sports that involve running and jumping can be advantageous as well.

6. Weight loss and reduced obesity
Physical activity can be a key part of a complete weight management plan to avoid excessive fat gain, and to maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise burns more calories, and increases muscle mass, both of which are key to weight loss and weight maintenance.

B. Mental Benefits

1. Increased feelings of well being
Exercising enhances the action of endorphins and enkephalins, which improve natural immunity and reduce the perception of pain. Regular Exercise can also improve mood, feelings of having more energy and overall quality of life.

2. Better sleep
Research has shown that regular exercise helps people fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep. It can also improve sleep duration, and decrease middle of the night wake ups providing a better overall sleep quality.

3. Better brain function
Regular exercise can reduce fatigue, improving alertness and concentration. Physical activity improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen to the brain at a faster pace, which leads to sharper thinking.

4. Increased self esteem
Regular exercise can improve your body shape, increasing your confidence in your appearance, thus increasing your self esteem. Exercise also promotes a sense of accomplishment, which can increase your confidence in taking on other tasks in your life.

And that be some of the major physical and mental benefits of an exercise program.
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The Exercise

Spine Health Through Exercise

Caring for your spine is something that can start at the gym. We teamed up with trainer Kai Karlstrom of Equinox to get some great tips on how to strengthen our spines, and to find out how to protect them as we get moving.
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Thinking about skipping out on the gym today? Not so fast. It’s not just your glutes and biceps that will miss out if you bypass exercise — so will your brain. Neuroscientists have shown that regular exercise supports brain function, a positive mood, and cognitive health.
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The Exercise

Exercise and Heart Health

Dr. Nissen discusses the benefits of regular exercise — especially aerobic exercise (walking, running and swimming) to heart health.

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Keep your knees fit and strong with these three moves.

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Body Secret

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Gut Health

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Gut Health

Americans have an epidemic of gut issues and it is affecting not just their digestion but their immunity and overall health. Fixing our gut can take time but today I want to give you 3 easy changes everyone can make to start the journey to optimal health and wellness.

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Only 3 things that improve your Mental health ? & Homeopathic Medicine | anxiety and depression |

Namaskar Dosto aap apni Mental Health kaise improve kar sakte hain is video me ye jaankari Dee hai jisse aap mental illness se bach sake or agar aap ko depression anxiety Jaisi problem hai to aap usse thik ho sake .

topics of video

Homeopathic medicine for Mental illness

Ignatia Amara 200 2 drop in night

Rescue Remedy 30 2 drops 3 times a day

#healthytimewithDrVikram #MentalHealth

Let's talk about Mental Health

I’m doing something a little bit different and highlighting the importance of mental health for World Mental Health Day 2020. Its an issue which is close to my heart as it effects everyone so here’s my little contribution.

Here’s the link to the Mind Mental Health Charity if want to know more:
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Things That Kill Your Concentration | Tips To Improve Concentration & Memory | Health Tips

Things That Kill Your Concentration | Tips To Improve Concentration & Memory | Health Tips

Health Tips is the most popular YouTube Channel, which shares you all sorts of Fitness & Health Tips, Good Health, Beauty & Makeup Tips for all who wants to lead a Healthy n Gorgeous Life. Stay Healthy n Be Healthy with ‘Health Tips’ Healthy Tips..

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Sometimes we think that working on our physical health requires long hours in the gym or a financial commitment to a program. In this video, Aaron shares three FREE things to improve your physical health. Starting at home!

Do you do any of these things? What could you improve on? We wanna hear from you!

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5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Skin Health

5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Skin Health
Skin can also be a great indicator of how old someone is, and for great skincare and anti-aging measures, many people are turning to Matrixyl 3000. It’s a peptide that helps give a youthful appearance.

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