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5 TIPS To Stay Healthy During Quarantine | Frank Medrano

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Depending on what part of the world your In. Covid- 19 Corona virus has dramatically Altered our way of life. But don’t stress , here are 5 sure ways you can start doing now to help you stay healthier and get through these tough times.

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Weight Management

A Healthy Action Bronson Shares His Weight Loss Journey, Latin Grammy Dreams + New Fragrance!

Always a fun conversation with Action Bronson! He stops by Ebro in the Morning from the gym, a more healthy man as he shares the motivation behind his weight loss journey (he lost 85 pounds!), his latest single “Latin Grammy” and who he wants to feature on the remix, a brand new fragrance, the Knicks, and much more!

His new project, ‘Only For Dolphins’ is scheduled to be released in September.

#EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #ActionBronson

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The Exercise

Cardiovascular benefits of exercise

George Charlton, MD, discusses the cardiovascular benefits of exercise.

Ottawa Heart Institute physiotherapist Guy-ann Proulx offers a brief introduction to the heart healthy exercise tips series and the benefits of regular exercise.
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Weight Management

11 Kids Exercises To Burn Fat At Home

If kids stay at home they need daily exercise in order to keep them active and help them burn extra fat and calories.

In today’s video workout we have combined 11 of the best body-weight exercises (no equipment needed) that kids can easily do at home.

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Body Secret

5 Poi Body Tracers You Should Know

Poi body tracers are one of my favorite types of poi tricks! Here are 5 of the most essential body tracers culled from poi spinners I’ve encountered all over the world! These tricks run the gamut of beginner to intermediate poi tricks, so hopefully there’s something in here for everyone!

Body tracing with poi is a great way to engage your body in your poi spinning! In this poi body tracers tutorial I’m going to break out several of my favorite poi body tracing moves. You’ll find some easy poi tricks in this list as well as poi tricks intermediate in nature or close thereabouts. I’ll break a few down in a poi tricks tutorial as best I can and point you guys to the tricks that I’ve already covered in other poi tutorials! Best of all, I finish this one out with a poi combo that incorporates all these different pieces together.

New to poi? Check out my 9-video beginner series:

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Check out my 1-minute tutorials for bit-sized snippets of poi spinning knowledge:

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