Christopher H. Evans, Ph.D., Director of Rehabilitation Medicine Research Center, Mayo Clinic PM&R, discusses his lecture at AAPM&R 2014 on the damage done to cartilage from trauma and arthritis. He focuses on the difficulties of healing and regenerating cartilage. His lecture plans to touch on novel ways use new biological techniques to grow new cartilage, including gene therapy.
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  1. Hello and thank you for the video…. About 2 years ago I had some bottled water delivered, at the same time I had some acupuncture. As the months went by my bones started feeling like they were turning into cartilage to the point where it felt as if my rib cage would fall into my pelvis. I stopped both the new water and acupuncture which I did. However, since then whenever I eat after about 10 to 20 minute I get crepitus (joint popping) all over my body including my back and depending on the food it feels like shin splints. Then after some time I have extreme gas. Embarrassing but I must tell all details…

    The foods that make this increase are: Very high: green peppers, zuchini, strawberries and grains and most of the green vegetables. About a 5 rating is almost all fruits and veggies… Things that don't bother me of course is junk food which I hate to eat.

    I've spent 2 years working with doctors that have no ideas. With that I started to try to figure out myself. All tests come back within range. PTH first test 72, next test 49. Plus my thryroid is all over the place. I'm now at 89 mcg but have had 110, 125, 100 and this fluctuation also started after the water…

    Any ideas?

  2. This is lies, I have regrown my own cartilage…The last 4 years…Watch Dr John Bergman…Joints cartilage etc…This guy has no clue on how the body works.

  3. Try DDP Yoga on YouTube. Also check out Dr. Joel Wallach and Youngevity products. He doesn't make $$$ off the products. They are excellent, but can be pricey. And what about Dr. Joe Dispenza who healed his broken body in months?

  4. The problem for the consumer is cost. Mayo won't even take medicare, so those who suffer and don't have a lot of money or decent insurance are basically SOL. Pre Medicare while I was still able to work, I had tried Synvisc treatments for up to 3 months. Very expensive and didn't help at all. The medical profession needs to find a way to help sufferers within their means to pay, but likely not going to happen in America.

  5. Iam so glade to hear only the rich can afford to have healthy body. Good for u guys have a great life

  6. Why did your god allow for the loose of your cartilage? It sounds like an insecure ghost.

  7. This is why chronic and degenerative illnesses are much worse than acute ones. They can literally change your life permanently and forever

  8. Food will heal your ailments

    Dr. Qauck won't say that most medications derive from herbal extraction methods

    Doctors suck at thier job, unless you involve money, lives are saved.


    American Indians like the charakee and hopi people had a medical knowledge of certain plants in which unlike prescription ''drugs'' are not embue with addictive chemical compound to ''strengthen'' the effects.

    Tbh a guy like quacker man here patched my leg up after a injury in the kitchen.

    It did not heal as fast with antibiotics until I used the internet for herbal tea remediates

    But the mad doctor only wants cash flow.

    drops the mic

    P.s. American hospitals suck at curing infected tissue


  9. Noting works but what I do, Lmao……Dr Wallach says the opposite and he has a book in the Smithsonian! Who are you?

  10. PS.

    As a health practitioner this is the crap we are fed so some of us never know any better. The body is able to heal itself, way slower than one would desire, but instead of a medication to patch a symptom and allow the dis-ease to exacerbate, self heal for life and longevity. This is free and simple, not desirable by those who want us medicated ( with no cure but side effects worse than the symptoms.).

  11. Power of positive thinking and healthy perseverance. Cartilage regenerates but at a slower rate than what u wear it down, u just have to figure out how to get “blood flow(neutrients)” to the area. No impact movement 3×10-15 mins a day, water water water ( clean water) and plant based minerals/vitamins. Our body is made to move and eat pure off the land, the more sedentary and glutinous we get, the more dis-ease takes over… keep
    It simple, live as we were designed….

  12. I was told that I didn't have any cartilage in my neck, back nor my knees. Those were the only parts of my body that they have checked and my body hurts each and every day. What can I do?

  13. What can be more farther than this doc ? I cant believe you are that dumb or selfish ?, even after years of studying. You think blood supply is needed to get it healed properly ? All people who have any joint ailments(mild but not severe ) please start doing cardio. The secret of healing is – Rise the body temperature(diffusions and thermal convection), rest will be managed by nature itself. I still cannot digest the insult this doc has done to nature and evolutionary process and this very sophisticated mechanism. Sorry.

  14. 0:45 ''and if you don't have arthritis you're gone get it''… did he just say that with the most satisfying tone???.

  15. I just wanted to let you know that the video helps with my degenerative joint and disk disease. You are amazing! Thank you for making this video. It changed my life.

  16. ha my dog was doing the same thing as yours when trying to play. I apparently need some chew toys to keep her busy. I have arthritis and this was mostly doable which is hard to find in stretching and exercise videos so thanks for this. I did have trouble kneeling on a bad right knee and leaning to sitting on right b/c of that side I think being a bit weaker. The mat made it doable but I sorta plopped when lowering on that side. lol. I will try somemore and see if it strengthens it a bit also. The hand and ankle stretching felt really good and neck was cracking like a bowl of Rice Krispies b/c I have bone spurs. BUT I could do it. So thank you!

  17. Took me a while to weed through other videos that truly were good for joints. Finally found yours! Thank you!!

  18. It was my first time doing a workout from you, and it was just what I needed for today! I look forward to checking out more yoga practices. Thank You.

  19. Just started a pretty intense workout routine and some of my muscles have been so sore, so happy I found this damn.

  20. hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover joint and bone pain try Magonsi Pain Ease Expert (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.

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