1. I’m unhappy. I feel like I’ll never lose weight. I don’t even know how I got like this. I was so pretty when I was young and now I’m here.

  2. To be fair for this video, nothing about offering a solution is in the title, its simply just educating why its a problem.

  3. It’s actually extremely simple to lose weight, definitely not easy but simple. I lost 42 pounds restricting my diet to 500 calories or less a day. That’s all there is to it

  4. This video is a big excuse video for people that need to lose weight. The theory of a set point is bs. Stop eating so much. People love food and need to learn to change their habits. I promise if they don't eat for a week they won't remain the same weight at their set point 🤦‍♂️ stop making excuses. I used to be 300 pounds. I'm not anymore 🤷‍♂️ I was fat all my life. Stop making excuses for you continuing to be far. If you don't exercise regularly 3 to 5 times a week and don't monitor your calories it means you're not trying.

  5. I don't believe in ur set point theory.. At 2:47 how can the brain restore the calories magically.. The mechanisms needs to be told… According to the law of conservation, energy can neither be created or be destroyed.. Therefore the brain can't create calories automatically when nothing has been put into the system. When the body is running out of calories and the body needs energy then the insulin levels drop. So to continue the body functions the body breaks down fat for energy.
    If ur theory was right all the gyms would be closed by now😂nor would anyone loose weight.
    everyone whose trying to loose weight.. YOU CAN DO IT! Best of luck😊

  6. Simple diet means eating less, if you eat less sugar and high carbs such as bread and cake and candy and cut out soda and dairy that you dont need you should lose weight easily.

  7. What a load of irresponsible tripe.

    Sure our body signals us to manage the weight we are carrying (the fatter you get the hungrier you get/more you eat) and losing weight too quickly can trigger a response (feelings if hunger/less movement) but let’s not frame this as if Amanda has no agency autonomy over her body.

    The best way to beat obesity is to NOT let kids/people get fat in the first place and to be more responsible over what we feed and teach them.

    The best way to lose weight is to change your attitude and lifestyle and gradually moderate your calorie intake and exercise level… FOR LIFE not for a few weeks.

  8. No not necessarily while all of these things do have something to do with weight gain and weight loss weight loss is best achieved through discipline and self-control your body is going to scream that you want food it is your job to tell it no is it unpleasant yes it is but diet and exercise are the solution if you can display the discipline to eat a healthy diet reduce sugar and that goes for all sugar including fruit moderation is the word with fruit work your workout routine into your daily routine I prefer to do mine before I do anything else right when I wake up you will lose weight and if you stick with the diet your body will adapt to it eventually

  9. I was 417 Lbs. With Diabetis. I found out I had low testosterone. At 46 yo I got on replacement testosterone therapy. I started walking 30min 5 days a week and eating low carb. I got all the way down to 265 lbs. this way however cannot seem to lose any more for some reason. Its very frustrating. I have cut more calories and carbs, increased walking to 45min 5 days a week at faster speeds and at a incline on a treadmill. I burn 600 calories in 45min on the treadmill. I have also began lifting weights to try and continue losing but for some reason I can only maintain the 265 lbs. I cannot seem to loose any more. I have even began taking apple cider vinegar daily with green tea extract but no additional weight loss. Doc thinks it may be from my sleep apnea that I am not yet treating. The positive thing to the story is I have beat Diabetis and no longer have it!