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  1. Hi Nikki! Just came across your channel here on YT and so glad I did, been pondering over trying SW for a while after gaining 4st since having my kids and after watching this video I got straight on the phone to a local consultant and I’m booked into my first group session in 2 days time!! So excited 😆 just want to thank you for helping give me that extra nudge with your fab, fun, informative videos. You are now my inspiration! ❣️🙌🏻

  2. Have I just thrown away my money by joining online???? All you talk about is how we need to go to a group, I’ve just paid for three months membership online!!!

  3. Hi Nikki, I too needed this after so many failed diets but I will start a group ASAP. New subbie. 👍🥰❤️

  4. I’ve just rejoined Nikki and had a fabulous week. Thanks for this video as it’s good to revisit the basics xxxxxkaren

  5. Thank you for this, Nikki. I hit a wall last week and have no idea why. However, fingers crossed, I am 5 weeks away from moving and being able to join a class where we are going to live. I've lost 1st 12 lbs by myself but now the weight that I need to lose has been there for around 20-25 years, so I think may be tougher to shift. I will keep focussed and then being in a group should help shift it. The vids that really helped me were the emphasis on speed foods one and the one where you did the 1-10 scale of wanting to lose AND being motivated to lose. They really struck a chord. I'm 65 and this is a last chance saloon for me; it's for my health not to look lovely. I know I will be able to discuss my final target with the class leader when I move and she will help me be realistic as well as motivated.

  6. After 7 kids my weight has gone up and down. I lost 50lbs on WW 10 years ago after my 4th child was born but 3 more pregnancies im heavier than ever…my youngest is 5! Its not baby weight! Time to try SW

  7. Did this diet for 6 weeks and lost one pound in total – that was following the daily eating plans from the slimming world magazines. Guess it doesn't work for some people.

  8. I'm kinda concerned that I'll be the only bloke in a group…Most slimming world channels are female orientated.

  9. R the syns to count healthy extras or u can use healthy extras anyway n then count syns for othe stuff??

  10. Can this work for someone who is lactose intolerant? As I notice they say to have dairy but I can’t 🤷‍♀️

  11. I joined slimming world today soo excited and thank you soo much, it makes it more easier to follow ❤

  12. Joined slimming world Monday gone and loved it lost over 2 stone before I started slimming world so I should do well on the plan I was so so full and had 7 syns on a slimming world bar and pom bears loved it love your channel x ❤️🙂

  13. I go to my 2nd week of slimming world tomorrow morning, but I have a question, my hubby joined with me but he is feeling hungry all the time. He was used to having bread with his cereal and sandwiches for packed lunch, now he just has the cereal, and has pasta, rice or couscous with med veg and for dinners I cook something syn free. But he’s still hungry.